5 PKK Terrorists Killed in Encounter with Turkish Soldiers in Eastern Turkey
Turkish General Staff on Saturday said five terrorists were killed and one other wounded in daylong clashes with security forces in the eastern province of Agri.

A group of terrorists opened fire with rifles on soldiers in Diyadin district, wounding four Turkish troops.

"Three soldiers are slightly wounded, with having no life-threatening injuries, and the other one is undergoing surgery at Agri State Hospital," the General Staff said in a statement.

The attack on the Turkish Armed Forces comes less than two months before the planned general elections in Turkey.

Turkish people are due to cast their votes on June 7 and elect the 550 members of the Turkish parliament.

Turkish troops retaliated to the attack, leading to an exchange of fire around the village of Yukaritutek in the district of Diyadin, the Turkish General Staff said in an earlier statement Saturday.

"Upon a tip that a terrorist organization planned a 'Spring Fest' event on Saturday and Sunday in the area with the purpose of propaganda, and in order to pressure locals to vote for certain nominees in the upcoming June 7 elections, a total of 15 military teams from the Agri Provincial Gendarmerie were dispatched to the area over Friday night in order to secure the area and establish public order upon the order of Agri governor," the statement read.

Manned reconnaissance planes, attack helicopters and commandos were deployed to the area, and the clashes were ongoing, it added.

PKK is listed as a terrorist group by Turkey, the U.S. and the European Union.
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