Atatürks Will Found Out

The will of the founder of Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Atatürk has been found out recently regarding the land on which new presidency palace stands. 

The will of Atatürk was reported missing a while ago, regarding the enormous land which is believed to be violated by Erdoğan with his gigantic presidency palace. Kaynak Publishing House revealed the will on a book titled “Complete Works of Atatürk”, according to which, Atatürk donated the land to treasury to be used for agricultural reasons. 

Erdoğan has been criticized severely for violating the land called Atatürk Forest Farm by cutting hundreds of trees to build his massive ad million-dollar presidency palace.

Apart from the Atatürk Forest Farm, Atatürk also donated the lands he owns in Yalova, Silifke, Dörtyol and Tarsus to treasury department of Turkey on condition that they are to be used for agricultural reasons.

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