Civil Militias Attack May Day Demonstrator, Win Police Approval in Istanbul
May Day demonstrator was beaten by unidentified assailants in Istanbul, while he was being arrested by the police.

The assailants were yelling at the demonstrator as "Traitors" while beating him fith a stick. A police officer was also seen prevented by his friends from beating the same demonstrator.

Istanbul’s Taksim Square and surrounding districts are on lockdown by more than 20 thousand police officers, and water cannons (TOMA) and iron crush barriers to prevent celebrations of May Day.

Authorities in Istanbul have tightened security ahead of the national holiday, with iron barricades erected in the city center.

Taksim Square has symbolic meaning for the Turkish left, as over 30 people were killed in 1977 when suspected nationalists opened fire on May Day participants from what is now the Marmara Hotel.

Cengiz ÇOBAN - Uğur CAN / DHA

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