ISIL Militant Confesses to Use Heroin Before Attack
It was revealed that 25-year-old German citizen and ISIL militant Benjamin Xu used heroin before killing two Turkish soldiers and one civillian in Central Anatolian province Niğde.
The details of the case file regarding the ISIL attack that left three dead and eight injured in Niğde province of Turkey, began to emerge. One of the attackers, German citizen ISIL militant Benjamin Xu confessed in his testimony that he used heroin before attacking the Turkish security forces and civillians. 
German citizen Benjamin Xu, Swiss citizen Çendrim Ramadani and Macedonia citizen Muhammed Zakiri had frist killed two security officers, injured seven soldiers and a civillian and finally killed a truck driver after usurping his truck in Ulukışla district of Niğde province of Turkey on 20 March 2014. 
'Çendrim gave me Heroin'
Xu said in his speech that Zakiri and Ramadani got out of the car in a security check-point after their taxi was stopped by the security forces. Xu said, "Çendrim began to shot at the soldiers with his gun. I was not aware of what I was doing because of the white powder that Çendrim had given to me. Çendrim who was using an AK47 during the clash told me to get in an oncoming truck. He shot the truck driver and I started to drive the truck while he was shoting around. Then we went to the village where security forces arrested us injured."
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