May Day 2015: A Black Day for Turkish Journalists

As the May Day celebrations throughout Turkey left locations in mayhem, press members also got their share from police violence when a superintendent, Ömer Parıltı, assaulted a journalist by barring his camera and attempting to punch to press member in central Istanbul.

Press members got their share from the May Day police violence when Ömer Parıltı, a superintendent, barred a journalist’s camera and attempted to punch the press member during a celebration in central Aksaray district of Istanbul.

It was only when the journalist’s colleagues reacted to the superintendent’s treatment did he give up his attempt and left the scene.

The Journalists’ Association of Turkey (TGC) and The Journalists’ Union of Turkey (TGS) both condemned violence against the press during the May Day celebration, and branded the treatment as ‘primitive mentality’ in a statement.

The names of the detained and wounded press members during the May Day celebrations were also shared in the mutual statement of TGC and TGS.

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