PKK Conducts Mortar Attacks Towards Turkish Military Points
According to an official statement made by Turkish General Staff, terrorist PKK militants conducted three mortar attacks towards Turkish Army points in Dağlıca region of Hakkari province in southeastern Turkey in March, 25th. Turkish Army officials stated that the military units responded the attacks of terrorist PKK immediately after attck with 155mm national howitzer Fırtına (Storm).

A return fire took place when the PKK fired 3 mortars at army forces in Yuksekova district’s Daglica area of Hakkari province in southeasternmost Turkey on Wednesday afternoon, which was revealed in a press release of the Turkish Armed Forces. PKK members also fired at army units with heavy machine guns and anti-aircraft weapons at around 2.40pm following the initial attack of 1.25pm, according to the press release of the Turkish Armed Forces.

Security measures were intensified in the area, it was stated in the press statement. The close contact with the PKK took place after a lengthy period of non-clash as part of the ongoing ‘peace process’ between the Kurds and the government. Turkey’s army launched an operation in southeastern Turkey and targeted PKK hide-outs in the area, hours before the mentioned 2 attack of the PKK took place.
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