Terrorist PKK Establishes an Illegal Court in Southeastern Turkey

AKP's Kurdish resolution process encouraged terrorist PKK on establishing a courthouse near a PKK cemetery in Lice district of Diyarbakır.

Ceyhun Bozkurt

It was reported that the PKK raised a new building near one of its cemeteries in Lice and allocated one of the saloons of the building as a courthouse.

According to the information based on the local and military sources, the PKK raised a building on the purpose of using as a 'guest house'. However, there is a large saloon at the bottom of the building. According to the local sources, saloon will be used as a court house by the PKK.

While the military sources confirming the information, a military official said that soldiers need a permission from the governor to conduct a military operation. However, governor offices in the region do not allow such kind of operations for not causing a problem for the Kurdish resolution process.

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