Terrorists Attack Istanbul Security Directorate
The headquarters of Istanbul Security Directorate was attacked by two armed assailants, a female and a male, late on Wednesday afternoon. The female attacker was killed and the second assailant caught injured during the counter-fire of security forces.

Çağatay KENARLI / İbrahim AKTÜRK

Istanbul Security Directorate’s headquarters on Vatan Street in Fatih district came under armed attack by a female and a male assailant late on Wednesday afternoon. The two attackers arrived at the main gate of the headquarters shortly before and exchange of firing took place. The female assailant, who was learnt to be carrying a long-barrelled weapons and a pistol, was shot dead on the scene, while the male attacker was caught wounded.

Two police officers, İ.M. and T.D., also suffered injuries but of minor degree. They were taken to Bezm-i Alem Vakıf University Hospital by their colleagues for treatment. The injured officers were reported to be in good state.

Vatan Street was closed to traffic for hours due to the armed attack on the Security Directorate which caused major tailbacks both ways in the area.
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