The Patriotic Party Announces its Schedule for May 19
 The Patriotic Party of Turkey has just revealed its programme on May 19 The Commemoration of Atatürk, Sports and Youth Day.

A public meeting will be held in Turkish capital Ankara on May 19, to call ouu to people to join the struggle for Atatürk’s republic. The name of the meeting is Motherland Meeting for Atatürk’s Republic. The Patriotic Party Chairman Doığu Perinçek will also attend the meeting in Ankara. Other meetings across Turkey is as following:

Ankara, Sıhhiye Square at 13:00

Aydın, Zafer Square at 18:00

Kayseri, Special Provincial Administration Building at 19:19

Manisa, 19 May Stadium at 10:30

Rize, Cultural Center at 14:30 

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