Those who stay are ours to keep
Doğu Perinçek

I recently talked to Kiraz Perinçek Karavit and Prof. Dr. Caner Karavit. Both of them are Turkish academics working in the universities of our country. They mentioned that the tendency to leave the country increased among the intellectuals. They said, intellectuals who have savings have started to purchase flats in Greece, Portugal or Canada and migrate there.

Taking a stance against 'unrest and rising bigotry'

Our readers are also sending letters about this issue. B.S., one of our readers, said the following in his letter:

You think and mention that we are currently at war and you also talk about strengthening our unity and solidarity. However, I am worried about the fact that so many citizens who have the wisdom to make science including myself, are thinking about leaving this unrestful country where the bigotry rises. So, don’t we lose the actual fight in such a case?”

I gave the following answer to our reader:

“Mr. S.

Those who wish to leave this country and those who actually do, cannot fight.

Those who stay are already fighting.

Those who leave belong to foreigners but the ones that stay will no doubt be ours."

"People who think about leaving are not wise in real terms and do not have a conscious knowledge. If they really had it, leaving the country would not cross their mind as an option."

"Those who leave should not feel as if they left anything undone, we are definitely winning this war."

We say good bye to the people who wish to leave and salute those who want to stay."

"Don’t forget that those determined to fight for the sake of this country, to the end, have their pride, too. You will find the strength of that pride in every answer to any question."


Those who leave cannot fight,
The ones who stay fight

The most important difference between the people who leave the country and those who stay is the fact that the people who have left cannot fight for this country anymore. However, those who stay are the people who make an effort for this country. They make an effort by working and fighting for the sake of this country.

So, who take a real stance against the unrestful political atmosphere and the bigotry; those who leave or those who stay?

The people who leave the country seem as though they are completely against the bigotry. However, if they were against bigotry, they would stay and fight against it. That means, they don't actually think of this country. In that case, do they think of themselves? That is also an arguable question as thinking of yourself could have a lot of different definitions.


Those who leave belong to foreigners,
The ones who stay belong with us

For whom will they work and live in case they leave the country?

If they choose to work; that means, they will work for another country, for the investors of that country.

If they make a living through their savings earned in Turkey, then they will be turning the labour of Turkish workers into a source of another country.

Those who stay will continue to make a great effort for this country.

Therefore, the people who leave the country belong to foreigners. For Turkey, they will be considered void, non-existant. Meaning, the rest that stand is ours to keep.


Those who leave have lost their ways,
The ones who stay with us are the enlightened ones

The people who consider leaving as an option are not wise. If they were wise, leaving would not cross their mind.

Science is the most genuine guide in life. Science is what guides us. In other words, science is a guide for action.

What does leaving mean? It means to escape.

Which science or wisdom leads us to escape?

Have the escapees ever made science?

Have the wise, enlightened people ever escaped?

The people who leave have actually lost their ways...

The enlightened and wise, would stay and fight for their people and the country. They would walk towards the light.


Those who leave have lost the war,
The ones who stay are walking towards the victory

Why should we lose the fight if they leave? Fights are not won with those who alienated themselves of their homeland. The fewer there are people who escape from the fight among us, the stronger we are. Those who leave their country in a tough situation and seek their personal salvation in other lands would have no contribution to the fight in the motherland. The motherland and the nation can only be saved by those who work for the freedom of the Common; not the ones who seek individual solutions. Our fight is not a clash of interest of the individuals; it is in fact a fight for the Commons. The victory will also belong to the People.


The people who leave should not worry,
We are certainly winning this war

The people who leave should not worry, we are certainly winning this patriotic war.
They would probably not worry anyway, but let’s be optimistic. We will build the People’s enlightened Turkey, we will build Turkey of solidarity. We can then host them. They can visit their former homeland at peace and enjoy the touristic sights. They can revive their old memories and then return back to their new homeland again.


They cannot take our pride with them
They can only take their money

The people who acknowledge this country as their homeland have pride. We will not beg those who leave. They cannot take away our honor and pride. What they can take away is a few liras. We can earn those savings back again.

Once, they shared that pride with us. They were happy with that honor. Maybe even the grandparents of some died for this country. They should not worry, those who continue to live in the country they abandon, those who are determined to fight all the way for salvation of this country will sustain that pride they left behind. They will see that pride at each news they hear about Turkey.


We say,
goodbye to those who leave,
and salute the ones who stay...

We say “Güle Güle” (Meaning, May you go about your way in laughter) to those who leave. What a beautiful farewell! We are the kind of a nation that wishes joy to the ones that leave us.

These lands have their owners. They have no choice of living outside these lands. They either live, or die on these lands.

We say “güle güle” to those who leave us.

Those, who are determined to share enlightened and tall future of this country are always the vast majority.

All salute them!

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