Train-Equip Program Gets Stuck

The US and Turkey have not declared the exact date for the beginning of the train-equip program.

Washington Correspondent Tolga Tanış of Turkish daily Hürriyet Newspaper has reported that the ambiguities in the train-equip program of the US and Turkey about training Kurdish peshmergas to fight against ISIS. 

The news goes: “A senior Pentagon official said on 6 April 2015 that the US did not agree with Turkey on whom would be the enemy. You know, Ankara is in a great hurry in this business. Ankara had said that it would start in March. And, now it says May. Americans do not even confirm May. I asked him whether or not the group which would be trained is certain. A couple of hundreds in Syrian armed organization were chosen. Six months after the training, this group will be given Hilux trucks, arms (including kalashnikovs), howitzers and radios. But, when will it begin? There is no certain answer.” 

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