Turkey Bans Entrance of Retired US Soldiers into İncirlik Base
Turkish general prohibited the entrance of the US soldiers into the US İncirlik base in Adana when a group of US soldiers have turned out to be selling alcohol they buy from the base's cafeteria.

The İncirlik military base in Turkey has gained a great deal of importance as the US puts more pressure on using it against the fight against ISIS. In the meantime, the US soldiers in the base have turned out to be selling the alcoholic drinks they buy with discount from the cafeteria of the air base of İncirlik, upon which Brigadier General of the base Bekir Ercan has just prohibited the entrance of the US soldiers to the base. 

Alcohol is sold tax free for the base having a special status, which is why most of the retired US soldiers prefer to buy from there. 

However, the Turkish party got really furious when they found out that the US soldiers were selling it to make extra money. 

The US Colonel Craig Wills made a written statement on the issue saying that negotiations were being held with the Turkish team to fix the incident. 

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