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Prosecutor Tekin Küçük of the Investigation Bureau of Crimes Against Constitution, who has been prosecuted for over 5 years within the scope of the Cosmic Room investigation, has been ruled for non-prosecution on 11 March, 14. So, another scheme supported by Erdoğan has been revealed against the Turkish Armed Forces. 
The investigation hd been started with a non-existing information claimed by Gülen gang-linked police officer Murat Yılmazer. Prosecutor Mustafa Bilgili with a special authority arrested two soldiers on 19 Dec, 2009 up the information of an assassination against Deputy PM Bülen Arınç. Ankara Mobilization Department was raided and confidential documents in the Cosmic Room were seized. 
Are secrets exposed?
Following the non-prosecution verdict, Deouty Chairman of the Patriotic Party İsmail Hakkı Pekin and retired General İlker Başbuğ commented on the issue, according to which, schemers who raided the Cosmic Room had two objectives: First, to put the blame of some unsolved murders on the Turkish Armed Forces. Second, to receive the most secret documents of the state to be used in case of an emergency. The US is known to have tried to seize such documents in 2008.
Are the confidential war plans exposed? Aydınlık Newspaper reported on 7 March, 13 that the defense plan and a list of those who are supposed to be assigned in such a plan were revealed by the parliamentary commission of investigation military coups. Retired Head of General Staff told Harriet Newspaper that: “Nothing came out of the Cosmic Room when we were in charge.” The official website of the General Staff announced that: “The image mentioned to be leaked was handed to the public prosecutor on 16 March, 2013.” 
Two statements do not support each other. It is vitally crucial to figure out whether or not the national defense plan of the country was revealed. 
Those who Kidnapped Yunus Nadi
When we come to the Cumhuriyet Newspaper, it reported on 12 March that counter guerrilla had been exposed, according to which, the counter guerrilla forces are white, black, orange personnel and other forces to mobilize the nation in case of an emergency. 
Yunus Nadi Abalıoğlu founded Cumuriyet. He was for national struggle, a member of Felah-ı Vatan and publishing Yenigün Newspaper back then. When the English invaded Istanbul on 16 March 1920, Yunus Nadi was one of the MPs who were arrested. However, he fled to Anatolia and joined the national struggle in Ankara. He also moved the publication of the newspaper to Ankara. 
Yunus Nadi wrote a telegraph to Atatürk on 27 March saying that the required money for the struggle could only be gained from the Anatolian towns. According to the founder of Cumhuriyet, those people who helped him were counter guerilla. 
Selçuk and Mumcu
İlhan Selçuk and Uğur Mumcu of Cumhuriyet Newspaper contributed a lot to the fight against counter guerrilla in Turkey. Selçuk faced with counter guerrilla in Ziverbey torture center. He exposed the unnational character of the counter guerrilla. Nothing can be more natural than Selçuk having been targeted by the Ergenekon scheme. 
Almost entire life of Uğur Mumcu was in the service of trying to expose the counter guerrilla as a secret organization. The reason behind his assassination was his struggle against the counter goerilla.
As one can see, the administration of Cumhuriyet Newspaper is on the side of Yunus Nadi, İlhan selçuk and Uğur Mumcu.
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