Turkey#039;s 2014 Unemployment Rate on the Edge of Double Digit at 9.9 pct.
Turkey's 2014 unemployment stood at 9.9 percent, jut on the edge of double digit, according to the Labour Force Statistics data, released by Turkstat on Friday.

Non-farm unemployment rate stood at 12.0 percent in 2014, while youth unemployment rate including 15-24 age group was at 17.9 percent

Number of unemployed persons aged 15 years old and over realized as 2 million 853 thousand persons, leaving 28.2 million people apart from the calculation with a 50.5 percent labour force participation rate.

Unemployment rate stood at 9 percent for male, 11.9 percent for female. Labour force was at 71.3 percent for male and 30.3 percent for female in 2014.

Agricultural employment was at 5 million 470 thousand persons and non-agricultural employment was at 20 million 462 thousand persons.

Of those who were employed in 2014, 21.1 percent was employed in agriculture, 27.9 percent was employed in industry and 51 percent was employed in service sector.

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