80 Turkish Students to Study Nuclear Engineering in Russia
The application due date for 80 Turkish students to study nuclear education program in Russia will end at the end of this week, Russian nuclear company Akkuyu has said.

The group, who will be educated at the National Nuclear Research University, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute and St. Petersburg Polytechnic Government University, are able to submit applications until March 27, 2015, the company said in a statement Monday.

Coskun Karadas, a student who was among the first group to go to Russia, told The Anadolu Agency: "When people first decide, it seems difficult. The program will take seven years, which is a long time but, for the future, that is really important."

Another student, Gokcehan Tosun, said she had been studying in Russia for four years when she heard that she had been accepted, and she felt so happy.

"Akkuyu is a really important investment for Turkey, and a good project," she said.

Akkuyu will be Turkey's first nuke plant to be built by Russia after an agreement signed between Ankara and Moscow in 2010.

More than 250 Turkish students are educated in Russia, where they study in preparation for one year and take expert education for five-and-a-half years.

After completing their education, students will train in Russia’s nuclear company, Rosatom, for between one and three years.
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