Turkish Court Arrests 32 in Organized Exam Fraud

A court in Ankara ordered the arrest of 32 suspects Friday, who were already in detention for alleged fraud in a 2010 nationwide civil service recruitment exam.

Also, the court released 30 other suspects, but said their fraud cases would remain under judicial review.

The suspects have been accused of being members of a criminal organization, forging official documents, committing fraud, destroying evidence and abusing power.

On Monday, the prosecutor’s office in Ankara had ordered the detention of 82 people for alleged involvement in infiltrating and cheating in the Public Personnel Selection Examination, known by the initials KPSS, held in 2010 in Turkey.

On Tuesday, the office said a total of 616 suspects involved in the alleged fraud case were all current civil service servants on active duty.

On Thursday, the office said that seven out of the 75 people detained in the case had been released.

According to the prosecutor’s office, 3,227 people got 100 or more questions right in a certain section of the examination in 2010. The exam itself is composed of 120 questions.

Around 350 people answered 120 out of 120 questions correctly in the exam. Strangely, out of these 350 people, 70 of them were found to be couples, while 52 others were found to be living either in the same apartment building or on the same street in the same neighborhood, the office said.

The suspects were taken into custody in an operation launched in 19 provinces, including Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Eskisehir, Sakarya, Isparta, Sivas, Samsun and Bursa.

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