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14-year-old boy Detained for Insulting Erdoğan

The 14-year-old U.R.E. at the 7th grade, living in the Turkish coastal town Ayvalık in the Aegean region, has been taken into custody for insulting President Erdoğan


In the Ayvalık district of Balıkesir, police has taken U.R.E. into custody while he was in the class, for insulting Erdoğan on Facebook. The father told Aydınlık Newspaper that: “They want to put pressure on families through children. I am the secretary in the Aydınlık branch of the Patriotic Party. I resist with an organization. I am not afraid [of them].” 

His 14-year-old boy was detained by police while he was in the class with his peers and teacher. After having received a psychological report, he was sent to the courthouse to testify. The prosecutor who interrogated the boy reportedly him which party his parents support. After the interrogation, the boy was released. The prosecution is supposed to open a case or decide non-prosecution. 

The father claimed that he was informed about the situation by the police, however they took his son from the school without waiting for his parents. “My son is now the youngest ever who have been detained for insulting Erdoğan so far. He was 13 years old when he shared this post on Facebook. PKK is raiding our universities, our young people are dying, state is robbed with shoe boxes and the country is on the edge of separation. They should take care of these issues instead of intimidating young boys” the father stated. 

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