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15-Year-Old Girl Convicted to 120-Day-Imprisonment for Insulting Erdoğan

İlayda Eugene, a member of Turkish High-Schoolers Union, has been sentenced to 120-day-imprisonment for having shouted “Tayyip Erdoğan is a Thief”.


Following the operation against the AKP government on 17-25 Dec, 2014, a series of cases have been brought to court for insulting Erdoğan. One of them was concluded in Çorlu yesterday. 15-year-old İlayda Ergene and her friend Ferdi Tanhan have been sentenced to 12-day-imprisonment for having shouted as “Erdoğan is a Thief” in a protest two years ago. The verdict was turned into a fine since the punishment was under one year. The fine was also postponed for three years. 
I the hearing held in Çorlu 6th Criminal Court, Bahadır Berk, the lawyer of the two young people commented on the scandalous verdict as: “This is a first int he world. A 15-year-old person has been tried for insulting the prime minister. I do not think that there is another country in the world like this. A great amount of similar cases have been opened all over Turkey and all end up with acquittance. But, we face a sad result here today. Our young friends, or let me say our kids, have been convicted for insulting the prime minister. Such a thing cannot happen in a democratic country.”
Ergene also commented on the verdict saying: “We take pride in this verdict. […] We will continue to resist.” 

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