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900 Pilots Leave Turkish Air Forces in 5 Years

Turkish Air Forces have reportedly lost its 900 pilots in the last five years.

 Turkish Air Forces have reportedly lost its 900 pilots in the last five years. 

Three plane crashes which killed six military pilots has caused the eyes to be turned to the Turkish Air Forces. Generals emphasized the arranged trials that have been going on for the past five years, such as Balyoz and Military Spying. Around 900 pilots have reportedly left the forces during the past five years. Due to the trials, pilots are provided with shorter training programs. Critics believe that Turkish Air Forces have been losing blood for some time. 

Two military planes crashed in Malatya province of Turkey, in which 4 pilots died. Yesterday, another plane crashed in Konya district and two pilots fall martyrs. 

Retired lieutenant general Erdoğan Karakuş commented on the recent accidents: “One of the main reasons of these accidents is the Turkish Air Forces getting weaker and weaker. Soldiers were prisoned due to some arranged trials and with false accusations. Young people were convicted, which weakened the forces. 900 pilots had to leave the forces after all.” 

Another retired major general Beyazıt Karataş also claimed that the forces have lost their top pilots in the past few years. He emphasized the fact that it takes 10-15 years to train a good pilot. 

He went on to say: “600 pilots of 800 are warrior pilots. This means fleets and 7 base commands. In other words, half of the pilots have left the forces in recent years.” 

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