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Auditors Raid Pollster after Showing Decrease in AKP Votes

The Gezici Research Company was raided by the Revenue Administration officials after showing support for the ruling AKP in 39 percent in its latest public opinion poll.

 Sezim Özadalı / ANKARA

It was stated in the last survey of the Gezici Research Company on 21 Feb. that the vote percentage of Turkey's ruling party the AKP decreased to 39 percent. The sharp fall in the votes of the ruling AKP is explained in the company's latest public opinion poll as follows:

"The corruption case, financial difficulties of the citizens across the country, terrorism related problems, problems regarding the educational system and the government supression over the media organs are rising the tension inside the society. All of these parameters can cause a sharper fall in the AKP votes. It is fairly possible for the AKP votes to decrease under 35 percent in the upcoming elections process."

The Gezici Research Company became a target for the Revenue Administration following the announcement of its survey. The owner of the company, Murat Gezici made the following statement for the raid which was conducted under the guise of a "review":

According to Hurriyet Daily News, Murat Gezici, the owner of the Gezici Research Company said that the inspectors came to its headquarters in Istanbul’s Zincirlikuyu neighborhood on the morning of Feb. 24.

During the inspection, they checked the company’s financial records, contracts, employees and “even the part-time surveyors,” Gezici said, noting that “they found no wrongdoing.”

I asked my friends and colleagues whether they had ever been inspected this way and they said they had not,” Gezici said, suggesting that “it was not a normal inspection.”

The goal was to put pressure on us, to intimidate us and to stop us releasing poll results,” he claimed, alleging that the government was “uncomfortable with their work.”

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