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Bomb Attack Targets Pro-ISIL Magazine in Istanbul

A blast at the office of a pro-ISIL magazine in the Kağıthane district of Istanbul on late March 25, left one dead and three injured, according to a police report.

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A pressure-induced bomb left at the entrance door of the office of monthly Adımlar Magazine exploded at around 7.30 p.m. as the door was opened, the Istanbul police department announced. Ünsal Zor, 45, one of the magazine’s writers, died immediately at the scene, while three others were injured and taken to a hospital.

“Ünsal Zor died in the attack on the scene on March 25 around 7.30 p.m. 47-year-old Ali Osman Zor, 30-year-old Cem Türkbiner and 39-year-old Cüneyt Karan were injured as a result of the bomb attack. The investigation into the incident is being carried out” the police statement read.

Adımlar Magazine, allegedly known to have close ties with illegal Turkish Islamist group the Islamic Great East Raiders Front (IBDA-C), has organized campaigns demanding the release of Salih Mirzabeyoğlu, the leader of the group, and supports the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

The IBDA-C is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union. The organization claimed responsibility for the 2003 Istanbul bombings which targeted two synagogues, an HSBC Bank and the British Consulate, killing 57 people. Turkish officials however named al-Qaeda as the perpetrators of the bombings.

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