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Democrat Hero of Gezi Park Protests Murdered

Public Prosecutor Mehmet Selim Kiraz who was murdered by three terrorists has turned out to be dealing with 270 complaints about police officers who engaged in violence on protesters.

Irmak Mete

Prosecutor Kiraz was assigned to the cases in October 2014. In almost most of the cases, he was about to reach a conclusion. Volkan Kesanbilici, who was shot by the police with a plastic bullet in his eye and lost it during the June Revolt in 2013, has told his case to Aydınlık Newspaper.

“We proved thanks to Prosecutor Kiraz that the bullet took my eye belonged to the police guns. We made the most progress in the case while Kiraz was in office.” he stated. 

In the case of Berkin Elvan who was murdered by the police with a tear gas canister, Kiraz had come to the point of identifying the three police officers who were on duty at the time.

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