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Details of Turkey's Participation in Mosul Operation Remains Unclear

Turkish Army's participation in the US led Mosul operation agains the ISIL is being discussed by the Turkish General Staff, Foreign Ministry and the National Intelligence Organization, the MİT


Kurdish news website Rudaw interviewed with the former Mosul governor Esil Nuceyfi who claimed that Turkey would provide logistic and military support during the operation, by sending ammunition. Turkish officials are careful about commenting on such accusations. 

Aydınlık Newspaper reached for some secret information regarding the operation. The probability meetings are still going on in Ankara, according to which Turkey is working on five formulas regarding the Mosul operation. It is not clear yet which plan will be brought to life for sure, depending on the US instructions. 

The plan will be shaped in accordance with the train-equip program. İncirlik, Batman and Erhaç bases will reportedly be opened to the use of the US planes. However, Turkey and the US need to sign an agreement for this. However, Ankara has reportedly not reached a decision yet, regarding the issue. 

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