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Former AKP Minister Critizes Erdoğan

Former Science, Industry and Technology Minister of the AKP government, Nihat Ergün has criticized Erdoğan for not being an objective and just president

Ergün accused President Erdoğan for still acting as if he were the president of the ruling Justice and Development Party. “People voted for Erdoğan to be an objective, party-free and responsible president.


Turkey is going towards a conjecture in which everyone is forced to take sides.” he stated, calling to mind that Erdoğan once said that: “If you do not take a side, you will be left out.” 


In his new book titled “Politics Step by Step”, Ergün wrote: “Now, the president cannot say that he does not take any side or party. It is clearly stated in the constitution. There is a certain procedure to change the constitution.” 


He also criticized the fact that former president Abdullah Gül would not be able to run for the upcoming elections due to the 11th article of the constitution. “When Justice Minister proposed the regulation to the commission, there were no such articles in it. This was added later on rather indecently. Gül was targeted obviously. It was not nice to run a regulation against the president that we had chosen ourselves.” 


Ergül also criticized the suspicious association named TÜRGEV run by the son and daughter of President Erdoğan. “This is seemingly a charity association. But, if we look at their financial sources, it is funned by some wrong institutions”, calling to mind the fact that the assocation receives severe criticisms for being supported by the president himself through some illegal ways. 

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