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Four Parties and The Patriotic Party

 Prof. Dr. Yaman Örs

The Parties at the Parliament

We can say that none of the 4 parties at the parliament is concerned about the unity of our country. Even though there are some members of those parties who do not think like that, I believe that they are minority. Moreover, we see that those who are against the unity of the country is majority. The biggest party in ruling is against Atatürk and his republic. Most of its members do not believe in nation, homeland and home country. They do not use such words. The second party is trying to take credit of Atatürk and his republic. Its leader who push patriotic members out of the party implements the necessities of the new system. The third party in the parliament lacks the responsibilities of the word nation even though it is in the name of the party. It is in competition with the second one. The fourth party demands education in mother tongue (Kurdish) and is against the unity of the country. 

One of the most prominent reasons of the very existence of the Turkish Parliament is the unity of the country. However, these four parties stay passive in the so-called Armenian Question. Is there any other parliament like this n the world? Moreover, Prime Minister and Freeing Affairs Minister of the country are talking about the non-existing accomplishments of their party. 

A Remarkable Political Party

There is only one single force in Turkey against these four parties in Turkey: The establishment of the Patriotic Party… More importantly, it has united various perspectives under one umbrella in addition to its initial ideology… It is not possible to fight against the current wars in the world without the unity of national forces. What is the common ground of such forces? What I see from where I stand is patriotism, honour, honesty, modernity and knowledge… And without a doubt, anti-imperialism. I believe that all these people from different backgrounds coming together is first in the world’s history. Doğu Perinçek is surely the leader of this unity. 

A Man of Nobel Prize

Perinçek has proved himself with he establishment of the Patriotic Party, his actions in the so-calle dArmenian Genocide claims, the establishment of Talat Pasha Committee. Orhan Pamuk is the one who damaged his own country most with this statements on the so-called Armenian Genocide. This person approached Atatürk and the republic with a Neo-Ottoman attitude. 

He deserved a Nobel Prize in the eyes of the west with this attitude. Some people both in the country and abroad claimed that he is only expressing his thoughts freely with his very own right. Twisting the historical facts is nothing but immoral. It is easy to access the names of the Nobel Prize winners in the past. Most importantly, which authors were given the Nobel Prize. 

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