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ISIL Commander was Treated in Turkey

An ISIL commander was treated in an hospital in Denizli province after being injured in a clash in northern Syria

Emrah Ç., a commander of the ISIL with Turkish citizenship who was injured during clashes in northern Syrian town of Ayn-al-Arab, was admitted to Pamukkale University Hospital in Denizli province of western Turkey on 28 February.

Denizli Governor’s Office's confirmed the claims with an official statement regarding the incident. It was stated that the Turkish ISIL commander was treated as a ‘normal citizen’ as part of his right to access to health services.

Hospital for Jihadists

Aydınlık had revealed in a 22 September 2014 dated news entitled "AKP Opens a Hospital Only for Jihadists" that the AKP government has opened a hospital in southeastern Turkish province Gaziantep to treat jihadists who in jured while fighting in Syria.

It was reported that 75 bed-capacity hospital is located in Şahinbey district of Gaziantep which is by the Syrian border. Turkish daily newspaper Birgün has reached to the officials of the hospital who claimed that the ruling AKP government and Gaziantep Police Department founded the hospital at the beginning of 2014 and almost 700 militants have been treated so far.

The Ministry of Health Mehmet Müezzinoğlu had confirmed in his statement in the parliament in 05 August 2014 that terrorists who are injured in Syria are treated in Turkish hospitals. Müezzinoğlu said: “Our ministry offers health service to everybody without discriminating according to their religion, language, sex or race. 319 in Ceylanpınar and 552 people in Akçakale have been treated so far in Turkish hospitals.”

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