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Journalists Considered to Be Terrorists for Reading Newspapers

According to the evidence provided by the Gülen Gang linked police officers, journalists who read newspapers were tried for terrorist activities

 Mehmet Bozkurt

Journalist Tongan Atilla of Hürriyet Newspaper for 22 years testified within the scope of the Oda TV case. Prosecutor presented some photos of Atilla while reading newspapers taken by a police officer secretly as evidence. Prosecutor was also surprised at the evidence file that he took over from  the former prosecutor of the case Zekeriya Öz. Four police officers followed us with Atilla for one and half hour. Since they wiretapped our phones, they arrived the meeting point even before us. They took nine photos to put in the evidence file. These photos can only be evidence of what the Gülen Gang considered about journalists.

We met with Atilla on 9 June, 2011 in Üsküdar. We had tea and chatted without knowing that we were being followed. According to the police, this was a terrorist activity. The newspaper we were reading was considered to be a terrorist item. They marked the newspaper on the photos.

Eleven days after this meeting, Police officer Nazmi Ardıç asked for more time to wiretap our phones, which was provided within the same day. What do you think we could do by reading newspapers? The judge thinks that we could provoke people since we were reading newspapers. I was arrested on 19 August, 2011 in the Ergenekon trial. They asked who was in charge for determining the news to be published. I was imprisoned for 9 years, 3 months and 15 days without any question in Silivri. The police officer who wiretapped us was discharged last week. The prosecutor who interrogated us was relieved from his duties. And, the judge was assigned from the Istanbul Courthouse.

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