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National Mobilization launched by the people

Turkish people stood up and got united. Our hearts beat all together from the Western Turkey to the eastern provinces. Our hearts beat together with our soldiers and security forces. Turkey got united under one single flag.

Doğu Perinçek

Turkish people stood up and got united. Our hearts beat all together from the Western Turkey to the eastern provinces. Our hearts beat together with our soldiers and security forces. Turkey got united under one single flag. 

Turkey-U.S. War

The series of events we are experiencing are the 2nd War of Independence of the Turkish Republic. Turkey wages a patriotic war. The war continues both inside and outside of our borders. The internal front extends beyond our borders to the operation Euphrates Shield in the Northern Syria.

Those who previously described this great war as the 'Palace's War' and became an instrument of a defeatist black propaganda campaign now retreated into silence. Their voices are no longer heard.

So, who are we fighting against in this 2nd War of Independence?

The pioneers of the 1st War of Independence explained the nation against whom they were fighting. We have to know and name our allies as well as the enemy forces which we are fighting against. We need to take a strong position against the enemy.

Which forces of the state and the nation have to unite against which global power for the National Mobilization? The rulers of the state have assumed responsibility for informing the nation about the answers of these questions. We cannot mobilizate the nation by throwing our punches in the darkness. To win the 2nd War of Independence, we primarily have to know who we are fighting against, in other words, the global masters who sic their pawns on us.

Patriotic Party's frontal duty

Our duty in this war is not standing in homage, publishing condolence messages, praying, or wearing black glasses at the funerals of the martyrs. Our duty is uniting and mobilizing all forces of the state and nation against the U.S. controlled PKK and Fethullah Gulen terrorist organization (FETO).

The Vanguard Youth (Öncü Gençlik), the youth wing of the Patriotic Party which gathered in front of the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, indicated the state of which manages the seperatist terrorists in Turkey. This is what leadership is.

The Patriotic Party is at the forefront of the national forces across Turkey.

State and nation are getting united

Yes, the popular movement has launched the National Mobilization. The government forces and nation go into a total action against the seperatist terrorism. The state and the nation unite for the 'integrity of the homeland and peace at home'. Those who took the stage in Istanbul and Kayseri with the explosives they received from the U.S. caused nothing but the unification of the state and nation.

The attacks of the western imperialist pawns have lighted the patriotism fire across Turkey.

They will be defeated heavily in the fight provoked by themselves. This will be the final outcome that they will face in the process we are going through.

Sensitivity of our Kurdish citizens

I communicate with our friends in different parts of the Southeastern Turkey such as Yüksekova, Şemdinli, Van, Urfa and Diyarbakır. We are experiencing such a period that patriotism, national loyalty, unity and anger against the U.S. imperialism and its main instrument separatism have reached a peak.

Our compatriots living in the Southeast see the total scale of the U.S. backed separatist terrorism before everyone and in whole. They are [The U.S. troops] now at a touching distance in Iraq and Syria. The events that has been experienced in that countries are actually a plain image of what the U.S. imperialism could promise our nation which comprises of Turks and Kurds. At that point, the Turkish Army and Security Forces are the only forces that could establish the peace at home. Everybody knows that. Our compatriots living in the Southeastern Turkey are aware of this reality more than anyone. For that reason, Diyabakır, Urfa and Yüksekova are at the forefront of the fight against the U.S. imperialism. MPs of the PKK's legal wing HDP were arrested successively. The party [HDP] made several calls [to protests the arrests] however, those who gathered in the city squares did not exceed three or five [protesters]. The PKK / HDP has lost the support of the Kurdish people. But the same people stand up for solidarity with Turkish soldiers and police forces. This is the latest situation.

HDP is finally coming to an end

The impressions of our Kurdish citizens who are experiencing this reality at its core in Diyarbakır says, "HDP is over." I talked to my friends in Yüksekova after their rally against terrorism. "Here, the rally was great," he said adding that "the self-confidence of the participants were visibly very high." They are sure that Turkey will be victorious in this war. The PKK finishes itself by attempting to set Turkey on fire within the compass of the U.S. plans. Because this uprising has accelarated the Nation-State mobilization to end the PKK.

An opportunity for the state

We have the unity and a strong mobilization in the fight against the U.S. controlled separatist terrorists. Now there is a great opportunity ahead of Turkey. This is the opportunity of embracing our people in the southeast and solving their labor and business related problems. We cannot fulfill this important task by just providing incentives to the craft and related trades workers or supporting the industrialists.

The government should reach out to the Southeast with public investments. The statism is a must for the unity of Turkey. The state itself should invest in the region, open factories and create jobs for the people of the region.The Regional Directorates should be moved back to the Southeast.

We are ready to govern Turkey

The Patriotic Party previously declared to Turkey that the armed separatist terror organization [PKK] could only be suppressed by the weapons of the government. And now everyone agree with us in the course we are following.

Our second basic principle was to embrace our Kurdish citizens. Now the hearts of the Turks and Kurds beat together in the fight for the independence of the homeland.

Now we should take a firm action to start a labor and industry mobilization in the Southeast. It is government's main responsibility to reach out the Southeastern Turkey with public investments.

We as the Patriotic Party have the program, policy, cadre and accumulation to fulfill this task.

The Patriotic Party determines that it has entered a new period when it will take the responsibility for governing Turkey with the slogan, "From the Fight for the Motherland to the National Government". Of course, by organizing the nation, in other words, by the votes of the nation.

We are in charge of ruling the state for a United and Producing Turkey.

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