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New Martial Law Bill Passes in Turkish Parliament

The first ten articles of the Internal Security Act receive severe criticism in Turkey

 The new act is believed to be going to affect the personal lives of Turkish citizens, by pressing opposition in public with force. Some of the articles which have been accepted in the parliament are as following:

  1. According to the act, police can stop anyone in the street who he thinks as suspicious and search as he pleases.

  1. Police can arrest citizens who he thinks as a threat to society.

  1. People can be interrogated in their houses or offices by police.

  1. Police can use weapon in case of an attack with inflammable matters.

  1. With the new act, police can wiretap citizens for 48 hours without a court decision.

  1. Only the Prime Minister’s Office Supervisory Board can control the activities of police.

  1. During protests, fireworks, gasoline bombs, handmade bombs, iron shots and slings are to be considered forbidden.

  2. Those who cover their faces during a protest will be punished for 3-5 years, including gas masks and scarves.

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