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Patriotic Party Responds US Ambassador Visiting Diyarbakır Province

The Patriotic Party Deputy chairman Hasan Korkmazcan said “We are against any kind of imperialist solution.”

Following the visit of the Us ambassador of Ankara John R. Bass in Turkish province Diyarbakır, with the messages of supporting the Kurdish Initiative, the Patriotic Party Deputy Chairman Hasan Korkmazcan has commented: “We are against any kind of imperialist solution [to the Kurdish issue].” 

“We will produce our own solution. We cannot trust them. The brotherhood projects of the Patriotic Party will flourish in three months. I saw in my researches that the politics of this government are about to collapse. The agricultural efficiency has decreased due to no watering in the GAP region. Turkey has to go back to its agricultural roots.” he stated. 

Korkmazcan has also commented on the train-equip program of the US and Turkey: “We want to unite these countries in cooperation. […] Imperialists failed in Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq. They do not attack in person now. They use sub-contractors. We are against the train-equip program.” 

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