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PKK Attacks a Private School in Hakkari

A group of PKK militants have attacked a private teaching institution in the southern province Hakkari, protesting the PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan’s having brought back arrested to Turkey in 1999

Militants of Kurdish terrorist organization PKK protested the anniversary of their leader Abdullah Öcalan’s having brought back to Turkey after having been arrested in Kenya on 15 Feb, 1999. Terrorists burned down cars of locals and attacked a private teaching school in which tens of students were present at the time. Drivers of burned cars managed to get out of their vehicles uninjured and students were taken out safely. Police launched an investigation after the malicious incidents.

In another southern province Şırnak, 17 people were arrested once the information reached to the police that they were in preparation of conducting a violent protest. Police detained one unlicensed pistol, 50 gasoline bombs and a lot of fireworks.

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