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“PKK: “Turkish Armed Forces Must Withdraw”

Kurdish terrorist organization PKK has given instructions to HDP in Kandil, asking Turkish Armed Forces to disarm

 Ceyhun Bozkurt

In the meeting of PKK with HDP in Kandil last week, the terrorist organization reportedly asked the Turkish Armed Forces to withdraw and disarm immediately, stating that: “We will not disarm. TSK will withdraw to some extent,too.”

HDP officials made a statement on 15 Feb, 2015 after its meeting with the PKK militants. According to the sources Aydınlık Newspaper reached, PKK conveyed the message of “not disarming” as opposed to the recent claims in public. Here are the three demands of the PKK:

1. TSK will stop operations and PKK will stop attacks.

2. If first demand is fulfilled, PKK militants will move to the other side of the border and TSK will withdraw to some point. The US will observe these withdraws from time to time.

3. In this point, the terrorist organization will not disarm again, but only its attacks within he frame of a new constitution to be formed.

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