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PKK: We Will Not Disarm!

Executive Committee Member of the terrorist PKK Duran Kalkan has claimed that they would not disarm any time soon

Executive Committee Member of the PKK Duran Kalkan stated: "PKK does not disarm, why would it? Kurds do not disarm. Turkey should disarm.” He claimed that public are being deceived on disarming issue to reduce the votes of Kurdish parties. He went on to say that the Kurdish Resolution process cannot go on under these circumstances.

“They say we are disarming. Turkey and other countries should disarm. Why aren’t they? People of Turkey are being misinformed. They want to save the day ill the elections. The process cannot go on like this. Everyone should know this.” he stated.

After the statement done by Qandil on the possibility of the process’ end have been repeated by the PKK this time. However, it was announced that PKK would leave weapons on 15 Feb.

Prime Minister Davutoğlu was asked about these developments during his visit to Pakistan. He stated: “It is not possible to turn Turkey into another Syria or Iraq if that is what they think. We will not yield. We also know that the process is in danger. Everyone should be careful about this. Turkey is in a critical situation now.”  

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