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PKK 'We will not Disarm until Öcalan is Freed'

One of the prominent figures of terrorist PKK in Iraqi Qandil Mountains Cemil Bayık said "PKK does not lay down weapons until Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] comes and attend the congress of the PKK."

Bayık speaking to pro-Kurdish İMC TV has stated that they will not disarm until they personally meet with terrorist leader Öcalan adding "PKK does not lay down weapons until Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] comes and attend the congress of the PKK. Leader Apo should personally come and talk to militants for disarming."

Bayık also claimed that, Turkish authorities had accepted their demand on meeting with Abdullah Öcalan in secret Oslo talks between the terrorist PKK and the ruling AKP. Bayık said that Turkish government broke their promise.

"The process cannot go on under these circumstances. If the AKP is honest on finding a solution, they should make Apo's conditions better," PKK leader Bayık said in his statement to İMC TV.

Shortly before the critical dissolution meeting between the ruling AKP and Kurdish party HDP in Dolmabahçe Palace, member of Group of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK) Mustafa Karasu had stated: They are arguing about a solution to the Kurdish problem, but the AKP is trying to create an image on the minds of public that PKK is disarming. Then, the question would be why they do not let the PKK and Öcalan have a meeting. You claim that there is a problem between Öcalan and PKK. Then, you can solve it by bringing them together. It is a deceiving demagogy to claim that PKK is disarming in the meantime.

Executive Committee Member of the PKK Duran Kalkan had also said: "PKK does not disarm, why would it? Kurds do not disarm. Turkey should disarm. He claimed that public are being deceived on disarming issue to reduce the votes of Kurdish parties. He went on to say that the Kurdish Resolution process cannot go on under these circumstances.

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