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Police Arrests Gülenist Conspirator Baransu Over Plotting Against Army

Journalist Mehmet Baransu of Taraf newspaper, who started the arranged Balyoz trial with his bag full of suspicious documents, has been taken into custody within the scope of the case

Police has raided the house of Baransu the other day, for the reasons of organizing to commit crime, destroying, providing and exposing documents of national security, which were the primary evidence in the Balyoz case. 


Baransu had written a column in Taraf newspaper titled “The Name of the Coup is Balyoz” on 20 Jan, 2010, accusing a great number of soldiers for attempting to stage a coup against the ruling AKP government. During the Balyoz trial, 237 soldiers were convicted based upon the evidential documents that Baransu provided. Baransu’s lawyer announced the incident on Twitter, stating that Istanbul Public Prosecution and Istanbul Department of Anti-Terror conducted the raid. 


Lawyer Filiz stated: “The aim of the raid is obviously the documents of Blayoz trail, which he already submitted to the court in 2010. It is absurd to raid his house after all this time. All the documents dated in 2010 are out of date, which makes the raid illegal. It is only [to shape] the perceptions. They are sending a message to someone on the anniversary of 28 February coup. Balyoz will come clean.” 

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