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Pro-Government Journalist Confesses the Lie of AKP

İsmet Erkan, known for being a partisan of the ruling AKP government, has confessed the lie about the Kabataş incident which was uttered by President Erdoğan himself.

 During the Gezi Park protests against the Justice and Development Party in the summer of 2013, President Erdoğan, PM then, had told that a woman was harrassed with her baby by a group of anti-government protestors in the Kabataş district of Istanbul. Erdoğan claimed back then that he had the images of the incident and would share it the following Friday.

However, he has failed to prove his claims so far, almost two years later. Pro-government journalist İsmet Berkan had also supported Erdoğan, claiming that he also saw the non-existing images himself. 

Upon the request of Reader Representative Faruk Bildirici of Hürriyet Newspaper to apologize from Turkish people for his lie, Berkan has finally come clean about the long-disputed images. 

In his apology letter, Berkan stated: “The duty of a journalist is stay skeptical, continue to investigate to reach the truth, no matter what the witnesses and evidence suggest. I say it simply: I am sorry. I apologize.” 

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