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Renault and Tofaş Employees Start pay-rise strike

While the strike of workers at Renault factory in Bursa continued, Tofas automobile factory’s workers also took a decision to join them and stop production in a strike with demands of rise in their wages.


2,500 members of Turkish Metal Union at Oyak Renault car factory in Bursa resigned in a reaction after protesting their low salaries and demanding a considerable pay-rise. The production came to a halt both at Renault factory and at Tofas automobile factory when the latter’s workers also decided to go on strike to force the employer for a wage-rise. The Renault and Tofas workers were particularly angered by the deal the Metal Workers Trade Union made with Bosch in April which entitled their workers to receive a pay-rise.

The workers continue to wait in front of their factories as part of their protest, while the Human Resources department of Tofaş sent a message to the labourers informing them of ‘a cease to production.’ Oyak Renault also informed its workers that there won’t be production activity until 18 May.

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