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Russian Ambassador Karlov's last message to Aydınlık

Ambassador Karlov spoke to Aydınlık for our Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) themed special edition just 13 days before his assassination.


"We are ready for all kinds of cooperation with Turkey in every sense in terms of both bileteral and international relations. Both Kazakhstan and China want to see Turkey as a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Everything depends entirely on Ankara's decision," said Andrey Karlov, Russia's ambassador to Turkey who became a victim of a shady assasination at an art exhibit in Ankara on Monday evening.

Just 13 days ago, Ambassador Karlov had spoke to Aydınlık for our SCO special edition. However, we suddenly received the information that he was assassinated in Ankara, while we were working on the special edition. The last message given by Karlov to Aydınlık contains some important clues related to some particular regional and political developments which could possibly made him the target of that shady assassination.

In his last message to Aydınlık Karlov said, "The SCO was founded as a regional and international security mechanism in principle. In the recent years, the organization has gained a significant importance on the international platform and its influence over the regional issues has significantly increased. The area of activities of the organization has significantly expanded particularly in commerce, economy, energy, finance and transportation through the years. It also developed a cultural and humanistic perspective to understand the needs of the region in a better way."

SCO represents 45% of the world population

Karlov who emphasized that the success of the SCO is related the continuity of the work on the basis of equality of rights, mutual trust and mutual interest said, "There are a total of 18 states in the organization. These are primarily 6 founding members including Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan; 6 observer states as India, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Belarus and Mongolia; as well as 6 dialogue partners as Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka. The total gross national product (GNP) of these countries is 16 percent of the gross world product (GWP) and the total population is the 45% of the world population."

We want to see Turkey in the SCO

Recalling that India and Pakistan entered the final stage of full membership to the SCO, Karlov said: "Iran has taken an active role in the organization as an observer since 2005. We think that there will not be any difficulty regarding the membership application of the country after the nuclear issue is resolved and following the lifting of United Nations sanctions. Last year, Afghanistan became a candidate for full membership."

In terms of Turkey's full membership in the SCO Karlov said, "Turkey is a dialogue partner of the organization. When Turkey wants to change its status and initiate the full membership process, it can take a much more active role in the organization," adding that "As Russia, we express that we are ready to cooperate with Turkey in all sorts of bilateral and international platforms. When we look at the statements of both Kazakhstan and China, they also say that they want to see Turkey as a full member of the SCO. Everything depends entirely on Ankara's decision..."

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