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Technical Delay in Terrorist Training Program of the US and Turkey

Some technical issues are reportedly causing delay in the train-equip program which was announced to be launched on 1 March, 15 by the US and Turkey

 Deniz Kahraman

According to the announced program, Turkmen in Syria and a group of Free Syrian Army militants were supposed to be trained with equipment. However, Syrian Turkmen have not been invited to the program yet, even though those who would take part in the program were announced, as well. 

The US and Turkey did not reportedly reach an agreement about the Free Syrian Army militants to attend the program. 200 members of FSA were investigated in depth by both countries, before being included to the program. Militants were chosen from different groups. The only trouble is reportedly not just that, but Washington is very much worried about Hareket Hazım’s joining to the Al-Nusra. 

It is declared that the program will be focused on some basic shooting training, which is considered by some critics not to be enough to fight against ISIS. 

On Feb. 19, Turkey and the U.S. signed a deal to train and equip Syrian terrorist groups. The Syrian terrorists trained in the joint program are expected to fight against current legitimate government of Syria under the guise of fighting against the shaddy terrorist actor of the region, the ISIL. It is estimated that the first group of 300 terrorists will be brought to Kaman district in Kirsehir province of Central Anatolia by 15 March 2015.

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