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The Combatant Republic

M. İlker Yücel

We built a republic from the ashes of a burned, demolished and sold country.

We have established the Republic through fighting against the great powers!

Our sworn nemeses were stuck in their burrows and ditches. The U.S. could not manage to save them. The fight goes on...

We left our mark in the history by establishing our Republic at the beginning of the century. The mission of progress is again in our agenda. We shall complete our mission by gaining a victory against the U.S. which bombed the Turkish Parliament in July 15 attempt.

Those who fight against the U.S. are obliged to keep the Republic alive.

A disciple who unconditionally obeys to someone else would be someone else's pawn.

But the citizen of the Republic protects the motherland to death.

Those who fight against the U.S. are obliged to the will of the nation.

A nation which has fragmented in the vortex of ethnic and secterian tension cannot resist.

Those who fight against the U.S. are obliged to stand united.

Those who impose the 'Presidential System' disrupt the unity of the state and nation.

Those who disrupt the public accord cannot mobilize the nation.

Those who attempt to shut down the Parliament of the nation deal a major blow to the will of the nation. Those who try to liquidate the parliament of the nation of which stood against the U.S. tanks cannot wage a war against the U.S.

Taking the military hospitals away from the military means to lay an ambush to the Turkish soldiers fighting in the southeast. An army without a strong and stable chain of command cannot fight against the U.S.

Those who fight against the U.S. are obliged to keep the Parliament alive!

The founding generation of the republic were successful thanks to the fact that there was a strong parliament.

If those who rule the country cannot comprehend these obligations, they would come up against their dramatic end.

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