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Tomb of Suleyman Shah Threatened in Its New Place by ISIL

The terrorist organization ISIL has blown up the bridge on Fırat River, close to the new place of the Tomb of Suleyman Shah

Mustafa Kaya
Following the Turkish Armed Forces moved the Tomb of Suleyman Shah from Syria to Turkish soils, ISIL continues to threat the tomb. The terrorist organization has blown up a bridge on the Fırat River, which is 5 km far away from the new place of the tomb in Eşme, in order to prevent the PKK militants from entering Cerablus where ISIL located mostly. 
The Kurdish terrorist organization PKK has attacked back at ISIL 200 meters far away from the border of Turkey and Syria. 
Turkish General Staff has announced that a rocket landed only 8 km far away from the tomb in Turkish soils.

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