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Top stories of the week in Aydınlık Daily

 Here are the most read stories of the week in Aydinlik Daily.


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1 – Patriotic Party (Turkey) Chairman Doğu Perincek on the Istanbul nightclub attack [Commentary]

Patriotic Party (Turkey) ChairmanDoğu Perinçek speaking to Ulusal Kanal in the wake of Sunday's Istanbul nightclub attack said, "Turkey will overcome this situation with the national mobilization. Forming aNational Mobilization Governmentis now a must for our country."

2 - Russian Ambassador Karlov's last message to Aydınlık [Exclusive Interview]

Ambassador Karlov spoke to Aydınlık for our Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) themed special edition just 13 days before his assassination.

3 - “Washington was surprised by the Turkish intervention Syria” [Exclusive Interview]

Şafak Terzi
Senior Correspondent

An exclusive interview by Şafak Terzi with Philip Giraldi, former counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer of the CIA

4 - "Hijacking of the Libyan plane: A 'false flag' operation" [Exclusive Report]

M. Birol Güger
Editor-in-chief of Aydınlık Daily

Mainstream media spreaded the information that the hijackers of the Afriqiyah Airlines plane forced to land in Malta on last Friday aimed to establish a pro-Gaddafi political party. However, the reality that encouraged me investigate, search, and write about this issue was quite different.

5 - "PYD Cantons in N. Syria provokes both Turkey and Syria" [Exclusive Report]

Mehmet Kıvanç
Aydınlık Daily Damascus Correspondent

Ret. Syrian Army General and military analyst Turki Hassan told Aydınlık Daily that the so-called Kurdish cantons in the Northern Syria emerges as a new question to be solved with the efforts of the countries in the region, in the light of the Moscow declaration signed by Turkey, Russia and Iran.

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