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Turkey Poured into Streets with Rage Over Özgecan’s Death

 20-year old Özgecan Aslan who was stabbed to death and her body was burned by her rapers has caused rage all over Turkey and people who condemned and wanted severe punishment for Özgecan’s cruel death poured into streets to protest violence against women.

Protests of both women and men took place in major Turkish provinces.


Hundreds of people, including some NGOs, gathered in Kadıköy in Anatolian part of Istanbul, marching through streets crying for justice over the deaths and violence towards women of all age like Özgecan. Violence towards women was protested with dance as a part of the One Billion Rising Project, which takes place in 1600 spots all over the world.


In the Turkish capital, a great number of protesters came together in squares. Protesters opened banners said “Justice for Özgecan.” Some of the women protesters started a sit-down strike with Özgecan’s pictures.


One thousand of women protesters poured into the seashore of İzmir, the third biggest province in Turkey. They shouted as “Justice for Özgecan to Be Taken” and “Women Killings are Political.”


In the southern Turkish province Batman, people marched to Atatürk Park with banners condemning Özgecan’s murder.


Protesters in Eskişehir in Central Anatolia emphasized the fact the extreme violence of men towards women which is one of the most shameful facts of Turkey. Their spokesman Pınar Turgut said: “5 women are killed in Turkey every day, which is the result of women-hater, reactionist and violator mentality of men in Turkey.”  

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