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Turkey sacks nearly 10.000 more civil servants in FETO probe

A total of 9,977 Turkish security officials have been dismissed for alleged links to illegal organizations, Turkey’s official gazette said Tuesday. 157 people who were previously dismissed have returned to their posts.

 According to a statement, 1,259 personnel from the Land Forces Command, 391 from the Naval Forces Command, and 338 from the Air Force Command have been sacked from the army.

A total of 403 people have been also dismissed from the Gendarmerie General Command while 7,586 police officers have been fired from the Security General Directorate, the statutory decree said.

At least 550 NGOs, 19 private health institutions and nine press organizations have also been shut down.

According to the decree, 157 people who were previously dismissed from public institutions and organizations have been reinstated.

The measures taken Tuesday were under state-of-emergency legislation and institutions were closed to protect security and public order, the statement added.

Turkey declared a state of emergency after the deadly July 15 coup attempt, which martyred 248 people and injured nearly 2,200 others.

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