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Turkey says 1,300 ISIS terrorists killed in N. Syria

Terrorists tackled during 4-month-old Operation Euphrates Shield

More than 1,300 Daesh terrorists have been killed since Turkey launched its military campaign in northern Syria, the Turkish General Staff said in a statement Friday.

The military said 1,362 had been killed since Operation Euphrates Shield was launched on Aug. 24, with a further 168 wounded and six taken prisoner.

Turkish forces and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) had also “neutralized at least 306 PKK/PYD terrorists during the operation, the statement added. Of these, 291 were killed, four wounded and 11 surrendered.

The operation, in which the SFA is backed by Turkish artillery, tanks, air power and special forces, is currently focused on taking the town of Al-Bab from Daesh - a battle that has seen the SFA and Turkish military also come into conflict with PKK/PYD.

Region-wide campaign launched to evade ISIS threat

On the other hand, 1,313 Daesh-linked suspects remanded in 2016 across the countries in the region.

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