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Turks in EU Stands Up Against Genocide Law

The decision of European Parliament to recognize the so-called Armenian Genocide has caused Turkish citizens living in the EU to rise up against the ruling.

 The Patriotic Party, Talat Pasha Committee and Turkish Youth Union protested the European Parliament’s new law on recognizing the so-called Armenian Genocide.

The Patriotic Party Europe Representative Bethan Yıldırım has stated on the issue: “EP is acting against law. The verdict of the European Court of Human Rights and Lahey Justice Court have just been violated by the EP. This ruling causes anti-Turk perspectives. Are you going to jail 5 million Turks [in Europe]? Our first protest will be in Frankfurt on 24 April and in Berlin on 25 April.”

Turkish expats protested the parliament in various European cities with the banners read: “Genocide is an imperialist lie.”

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