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US General Visits Turkey for Mosul Operation

General Lloyd Austin, the 12th and current commander of United States Central Command (CENTCOM) visited Turkey in scope of a meeting with Turkish General Staff regarding the upcoming Mosul operation, use of the US base İncirlik and equip-train deal

Ceyhun Bozkurt

Turkey is hosting a significant guest at a critical time while Turkish public opinion is debating over the equip-train deal targeting to train Syrian terrorist in Turkey to increase the instability in Syria. General Lloyd Austin from the US Central Command came to Turkey to have critical contacts regarding the topics such as the US led Mosul operation in Iraq, use of the US İncirlik base during the operation, equip-train deal, combatting against the terrorist ISIL and the situation of Kurdish seperatist organizations PKK and PYD with the Turkish Chief of General Staff Necdet Özel.

According to military sources providing information to Aydınlık, Turkey does not have a clear stance on the issue of the use of İncirlik base in Mosul operation. However, the scale of the strong criticism in Turkish public for the related issue is notably clear in the great scheme of things. According to the sources, the US İncirlik base will only be used for humanitarian purposes.

Syrian Information Ministry Undersecretary Bessam Abu Abdullah had responded questions of Aydınlık regarding the train-equip deal of the US and Turkey in 27 February 2015.

Abu Abdullah said "The US wanted to launch this program years ago. I do not think that it is serious. They are talking about 1200 people getting trained. However, the AKP government has brought more than 20.000 terrorists to Syria with failure. I think that this is some kind of a fake business between the US and the AKP. They have not changed anything so far, they will not be able to do so from now on. They cannot ruin any balance against the Syrian army. Believing in that would be a mistake. This program has nothing to do with frozen regions solution of the UN Syrian Special Representative Staffan De Mistura to end the clashes in Aleppo."

On Feb. 19, Turkey and the U.S. signed a deal to train and equip Syrian terrorist groups. The Syrian terrorists trained in the joint program are expected to fight against current legitimate government of Syria under the guise of fighting against the shaddy terrorist actor of the region, the ISIL. It is estimated that the first group of 300 terrorists will be brought to Kaman district in Kirsehir province of Central Anatolia by 15 March 2015.

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