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US Intelligence Instructors Give Lessons in Diyarbakır

The US Embassy Staff organized a 4-day Southeastern Businesswomen Summit in Diyarbakır. John R. Bass, the Ambassador of the US to Turkey and the US Embassy delegation had various contacts in the city.



John Bass talked to the President of Diyarbakır Tahir Elçi regarding the developments in the Syrian city Ayn-al-Arab (Kobani). According to the official announcement of Diyarbakır Bar Associament, Elçi and Bass talked about the recent situation in Şengal and Rojava and the democratic solution process of the Kurdish issue. However, Bass had told to journalists that he came to the city for the purpose of attending the businesswomen summit and refused to talk about different subjects.


Closed-door meeting


Ambassador John Bass and his wife Holly Holzer Bass, the US Embassy Economic Counselor James Turner, Megan Bartolomev from the US Consulate in Istanbul and the US Consul for Adana John Espinoza attended the 3-day Businesswomen summit held in Diyarbakır. The names of Ambassador Bass and his wife were not written in the previously announced list of participants.


Intelligence instructors


Some of the US Embassy staff attended the training courses as instructors. One of the instructors James Turner's biography was extremely interesting. Turner served in the US mission in Baghdad and China in different positions and worked in the intelligence and research bureaus of the USA in different countries. He is also a graduate of Spertus College of Judaica, Jewish Studies department besides a master degree in George Washington University Political Science. The US people should be taken under scope.

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