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Ruling AKP's Solution to Violence is to Open New Prayer Rooms

The only solution of the ruling government AKP against violence has turned out to be open more prayer rooms (small mosques) in Turkey

 One day after Özgecan’s death by her rapers, a commission gathered to discuss the violence against women in Turkey. AKP MP İsmet Uçma, who uttered some ridiculous comments on the issue like “Neighbors must protect each other’s (sexual) honour”, “Being gay can be prevented” and “We must introduce marriage license” has insisted on his ridiculous attitude on the issue.

Some of his potential solutions to the issue was: “We need third places apart from office, home and school. We should have more mosques. They have great importance.”

Another AKP MP Öznur Çalık, who is also a woman, has commented that violence against women did not increase, only its representation on the media did. However, the records disproves Ms. Çalık, according to which 752 women were attacked by men in 2008 whereas the number increased to 12.068 in 2014.  

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