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Eyes of Eastern Europe On Turkish Flow

The project of Turkish Flow attracts attention from the eastern Europe which is tight in terms of gas coming from Ukraine

 International Association Energy Economy (IAEE) President and Prof. Dr. Gürkan Kumbaroğlu of Boğaziçi University has claimed that the Eastern Europe is considering about the crisis scenarios due to the crisis in Ukraine from which the gas comes from to Europe. Hence, the project of Turkish Flow has gained importance and needs to be completed at the earliest.

Kumbaroğlu went on to claim that the most important weakness of European countries is being dependent to other countries in terms of energy. “EU imports 66% of its gas energy. Especially, eastern Europe depends on Russian gas. As we realized during our recent interviews, the project of Turkish Flow has become quite important lately. Most countries will take Russian gas through Turkey, looking forward the project to be done.”

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